Dr. Moore

Growing up in the area, I knew how beautiful it was. Having access to the water was important to me, and we are fortunate to be right on the Bay of Quinte. The proximity to Prince Edward County is also a plus, and in my time away from home it’s become a real destination. Also important to us was the ability of my partner to find a job. As she is not in medicine, it was important to us that the community we chose was willing to assist her in finding employment. So far Paula and her team have been fantastic in distributing her resume and introducing her to prospective employers.

Overall, Quinte West has so much to offer for physicians looking to set up a practice. The medical community is great, the area is beautiful, and the cost of living is excellent. Having grown up in the area, I had always said that I would never move home. The longer I’ve been away the more I’ve realized just how special the Quinte area is!”